Rest & Relax

by The Marbits

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released November 16, 2012

album art by Jennifer Johnston



all rights reserved


The Marbits Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This is a folk/rock band formed in November 2011 by Yam! Also check out...

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Track Name: A Road Less Traveled
a stray in the wild, a motherless child, in bed with crows it goes, death nipping at its nose, dont flinch, bury it away
Track Name: Box Cars
I dont want to hurt you, But I feel I have to, stay away from me, save yourself, like everybody else, got me chasing after box cars, venom spewing from their black hearts, I wont concede, I'll save my damn self, like everybody else, no one had said that it would be easy, seems nothing worth it ever is, so keep your head up, continue walking, do your best to avoid the pits
Track Name: With/Without
driving out in my car, your feet hang out the passenger window, are you comfortable, are you comfy girl, cause its a long road, your face buried in a map, circling places that you would like to go, are you comfortable, are you comfy girl, cause its a long road, with you without you, its a long road
Track Name: I Fell Down
I lead the way and fail, you save the day and shine, all the damn time, and if I cut off my apendages, would you decorate this bloody stump, would you help with the bandages, or would you wait till I bled out and put me in your trunk, drive ever faster in your car, to the corner of the park, there you would bury me beneath a pile of leaves, read me my last rites, because ive failed and I fell down, always falling and im always failing, always in this room alone, a box within a box, and thats the last youll hear from me, but im always indecisive, never can think twice of what Ive thought of before, for the fourth time, and like I said once, I'll say it again but only this once, I lead the way and fail, you save the day and shine, all the damn time
Track Name: Trends
May I have the blueprint to your soul, or must I forge my way in, we both know you prefer to die alone, and pretty soon you'll make that possible, oh, lord your impossible, how many chances does it take, what must I risk to get shit right, tell me love what do you hold dear and could I ever take its place, oh lord, I sure do hope so, but I gave up a long time ago, just a short while after you did, alot has happened to me since then, oh lord, I fear you started a trend